Calculate and comply with the new European directives

The NOAEL, technically No Observed Adverse Effect Level, or rather the dose without adverse observable effect, is an important parameter to evaluate the toxicological in use safety of each substance. In cosmetic field, in particular, the new guidelines imposed by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), come into force on July 11, 2013, require the knowledge of the NOAEL to calculate, for cosmetics, a proper safety margin of safety (MOS) for compounds used in various products. In this regard, the University of Florence with the Polo University City of Prato and a number of cosmetic companies have started a project, promoted also by the Italian chemical and pharmaceutical company A.C.E.F. S.p.A., for the creation of a database of cosmetic raw materials that are inserted NOAEL essential for the calculation of the margin of safety. In this regard, a dedicated website (, according to specific literature searches and translational studies, the NOAEL of many compounds was added, has been created. A lot of work remains to be done but certainly the consortium created between various companies, the University of Florence and the Polo of Prato is trying to bring order to a currently chaotic and difficult to interpret directive.