A great discovery

The «Caryodendron orinocense Karsten», real name of the more known Cacay tree, is famous in Colombia, Perù, Venezuela and Ecuador for its 40 meters high and characterized by the high environmental impact that it bring. Object of study for more than 60 years, this tree has been very interesting in the last years because it represents a big promise. This variety has been, unfortunately, object of deforestation because of many fires, becoming very difficult to be found and used. This product has been source of help not only for international distribution, but also for local level. Kahai is the first company to market this substance in the form of walnut, oil, flour, with the main purpose of promoting this plantation as alternative for a sustainable develop in Colombia and considering this a great possibility to guarantee, in this way, concrete bases of economic/social aid to this country. The fields of application are numerous: it can be used as healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, emollient. Finding a substance that can be applied in different situation is as to find a key that can open lots of doors, a rarity and a source that mustn’t be lost. Kahai is represented in Italy by AVG s.r.l., that has got all information to deep in the knowledge of this particular news.