White perfection: beauty without spots

Tanning, hormonal changes (pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause,..) and the age often cause brown spots on face, neck and back of hands, there defects in skin pigmentation threaten the beauty of a uniform complexion. Normally, the brown pigmentation (tanning), useful to protect skin from harmful solar radiation, tends to disappear when the ultraviolet radiation stimulus is less and the skin returns to its usual colour, but it could happened that the melanin production and accumulation in the epidermis is excessive and the skin does not return to its original condition, presenting an irregular complexion with the presence of darker spots. The correct protection of the skin during the whole year is the first defence towards appearance and increase of pigmentation of brown spots, together with a specific cosmetic treatment formulated to inhibit and reduce causes and symptoms of pigmentation defects. Especially, clinical studies have widely shown that cosmetics based on active ingredients able to block the enzyme of tyrosinase are most effective. The response is White Perfection, a product of Natura House S.p.A., based on Rumes Occidentalis extract (due to its precious inhibitory action on the tyrosinase), Vitamin C , Bio-mimetic peptides. Its efficacy has been proved with a Clinical Test*. Rediscovering the beauty of an even, luminous and radiant skin means trust in cosmetic specially formulated that act to discover and protect the natural perfection of the skin.