Sun Protection Programme

From Bregaglio’s research a wide and complete range of pre-dispersed Titanium Dioxide forms to allow the development of an excellent and personalized strategy of photoprotection. Broad spectrum UVA – UVB: HelioPro BSP 50L, HelioPro BC 50L and HelioPro 40L range protect the  skin against the UV portion of the solar spectrum, which includes the UVB (290-320 nm) and UVA (320-400 nm) regions. For their photostability these products are the best option for a safe protection on the beach. HelioPro BSP 50L  and HelioPro BC 50L  can replace the Organic UVA sunscreen in the formulations and are the best to be used in combination with organic sunscreen in SPF 50+ formulations. HelioPro BSP 50L  is designed to be used as single sunscreen  in a broad spectrum  formula, medium and high SPF meeting the European UVA recommendation.The elegant protection: Sun and photo-ageing protection with an improved elegant, light and transparent physical sunscreen filter. HelioPro AB 40H, HelioPro HTD 40H and HelioPro 50H range are the transparent choice for an inorganic sunscreen. For their characteristics they are the best candidate for a face treatment line and for an elegant body sunscreen range. The natural option: From the ancient age olive oil  has always been considered as a secret of beauty. With the protective properties of olive plant  we developed HelioPro OLEA 50H that is our first dispersion in a natural oil; others will follow and could also be personalized on customer’s needs.