Daylight defense to protect your DNA

Evonik, the creative industrial group from Germany, well known in the world. Its activities focus on the key megatrends health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. This company benefits specifically from its innovative prowess and integrated technology platforms. To protect your skin against environmental stress Evonik launches Tego® Cistus at the occasion of IFSCC 2012. This latest active is based on the pink rock rose. Tego® Cistus is a standardized plant extract highly enriched in polyphenols from the pink rock rose. Cistus incanus spp. tauricus growths in Europe and parts of the middle east and has a historical use in Traditional European Medicine. On a molecular level Tego® Cistus regulates Sirtuin and Telomere associated gene expression and provides a broad DNA protection activity. It delivers strong anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects, shields the skin surface and helps to protect the skin against external aggressions, such as UV light and pollution.