A range all natural

For its sixth private label skincare line to be launched within five years, Marionnaud opted for a range of natural products, but not for third party certification. The new Marionnaud Nature skincare line will be launched at the end of march 2013 in nearly 300 outlets with the aim to offer high quality at an attractive price. For this new line,Ā MarionnaudĀ chose an original environmental positioning that was not really prevalent on the French cosmetics market so far, since Ā«naturalĀ» there was more or less understood as “organic”. Actually, the Marionnaud Nature skincare range claims at least 90% natural ingredients (fruits and flowers) and an environment friendly manufacturing process. But it is not anĀ organicĀ line and its natural claims are not certified by an independent third party, as it was becoming usual. The products are free from parabens, silicone and synthetic dyes and, with the exception of shea butter, their natural ingredients (calendula flower, cherry blossom, clover blossom, cassis, physalis ecc.) are produced Ā«locallyĀ», in Europe. Also for environmental reasons, the retailer has selected European production sites (Alban MullerĀ in France andĀ Hampshire CosmeticsĀ in the UK) for their performance and with the aim to optimize the carbon footprint of products sold in its European outlets. With this new range of 15 products (makeup removers, cleansers, moisturizers and well-being) for the face and the body,Ā MarionnaudĀ intends to strengthen the attractiveness of its outlets.